27 August 2007

Briefly, Fandom

Indulge me. I've revealed here in asides my abiding affection for Firefly, the only serial Western-in-space by Joss Whedon that features actual cattle herding, Chinese cursing, and a brain-damaged young woman as botched government superweapon. Turns out somebody's made some very attractive Blue Sun travel posters; since Blue Sun is an all-encompassing government contractor with dirty hands, they feature a nasty Orwellian edge. LONDINIUM, reads one in big Metropolis capitols, over a dark, fractured urban mess: The past, present, and future of humanity. And, in two in-jokes that I can't possibly explain concisely (and, as Polonius advises...), we are invited to Historic Serenity Valley National Park - the 'birthplace of unity' - and, in a particularly cruel twist, 'tranquil Miranda.'

Oh, hell. Just watch the show.


John B. said...

I don't know, sir . . . two posts in two days?

Thanks for telling me a bit more about Firefly. It's one of those (many, many) things I have heard of but just hadn't investigated further. It sounds like fun, though.

Ani Sosa said...

hi jimmy!! its ana - from the other night at pauls, i love your blog, havent had much time to read it but I certainly will! mine is: anitaescribe.blogspot.com...... im in nyc right now, sorry i didnt have a chance to say goodbye, give paul my best!

Ani Sosa said...