22 August 2006

From The Archives

This Time A Year Ago

Forgive the stopgap measures while I sign leases, write housing checks, hunt down boxes and collect recipes for quiche.

This time, one year ago, I was still packing, since I and everybody I know who's my age live our lives perpetually uprooted, wordly possessions split between two or three or four places to call home.

I wrote too, last summer, about being pursued by a collection agency, working for Banana Republic, and the origins of the New York Minute.

I compared life to toothpaste, and exposed Osama bin Laden's nefarious plot to poison America.

I uncovered the history of a mysterious and broken sea captain sitting on my street's stoop and profiled an ex-Cuban Cold War bagman named Luis Posada Carriles.

New material to come soon.

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