29 June 2006

In The News

The World At Large

A drunk Axl Rose bit a Swede in the leg, Muhammed Ali introduced a line of health snacks baked in the shape of boxing gloves, and scientists discovered that coffee can decrease the harmful affects of heavy drinking. An astronomer announced a plan to scatter trillions of butterfly-thin lenses into orbit to bend sunlight and cool the planet. At least one Chinese cosmetics company was found to be using skin from executed criminals in collagen exported for lip enhancement surgery in Europe and America.

Israeli warplanes buzzed the home of the Syrian president and bombed a refugee camp, the Popular Resistance Committee executed an 18-year-old Israeli settler, and five hundred thousand people in Gaza City lit candles in the dark. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia's secret services to find and kill those responsible for the kidnapping deaths of four Russian embassy employees in Iraq. A man was found in Baghdad handcuffed, blindfolded and shot in the back of the head.

The Surgeon General warned that the hazards of second-hand smoke were indisputable. A study reported that Aymaran speakers in the high Andes think of the future as behind them.

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